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Things You Might Just Want To Know About Playing Roulette

Did you know that there are two types of roulette wheels? One of them has a single 0 inside its sequel, while the other, also called the American or the Californian one, has 2 zeros on the wheel. However, due to this fact, the sequels are different:

  • 1) the European or the classic one starts with 0-32-15-19 and ends with 12-35-3-26;
  • 2) the American one starts with 0-28-9-26-30 and ends with 23-35-14-2;

Even if most of the players think that the roulette game is a product of the present gambling system, the first form of this game was released in Paris in the late years of the 18th century by nobody else than Blaise Pascal, the famous physician. Since its release in 1796, the rules have never changed too much. In fact, in most of the casinos from all over the world (except the ones where they play its American version), the roulette game it’s played just like it used to be when it was first introduced.

Usually, the roulette game is accompanied by a board where people can make bets. It contains the numbers from 1 to 36, but also a series of sectors symbolizing some special type of bets. For instance, players can go for a straight bet (place a chip only on one number), a street (3 chips on 3 consecutive numbers of the same line) or for corners, but also on all the combinations that can be raised. As well, they can go for the Manque bet (bet that the roulette will stop on a number that’s within 1 to 18), Passe bet (the same thing, only that this time the interval is between 19 to 36) or even go for the safer Rouge ou Noir bet, that involves betting only on one color.

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