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Mobile gambling platforms

300 x 250In a world influenced more and more by modern technologies, it’s no wonder that the modern mobile OS like Android, IOS or RIM are part of our daily lives. In just a matter of months, there will be appearing lots of new smartphones and gadgets, including the third generation of Apple tablets, but also few a few cheap smartphones, specially targeted for the low-end sector.

Therefore, as more and more people tend to visit more and more websites directly from their smartphones, without being even close to a computer or a laptop, it’s normal for most of the online businesses to release mobile optimized websites that can be accessed and used with easy by everybody that owns a smartphone.

One of the sectors we would like to talk about is related to gambling and casinos. As you already know, there are thousands of online casinos, and yet, only few of them are really known. That’s because they have always followed the trends of the IT world, have never scammed, nor have treated unprofessionally their clients. But more important, what do they all have in common? All of them have also mobile versions, so their regular fans can access their favorite gambling games(like poker, roulette, blackjack and even casino solitaire) without using necessarily a laptop. Sure, there are many online casinos that have their own Android or IOS based app, but there very few mobile poker sites. Take a look on the first pages on Google and you will understand what we mean.

It’s actually simple: the main reason for the online casinos to develop and release mobile versions is to help their faithful clients/visitors save time. This way, whether they are about to head home, are just bored at the office or just want to save some time without quitting their hobbies, people can play poker online, throw in some spins or spend some time at the roulette, directly from their smartphones.

And even if for the moment, there aren’t too many mobile poker sites, 2012 will surely bring changes in this sector. Obviously, only from the casinos that want to keep up with the trends. As for the others, they will still going to have some traffic, but not for long.

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