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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Playing Roulette

Roulette, per se, is a game of chance. There is no such thing as a ball history, as each turn is independent of the previous one. Due to the fact that there are a lot of myths and false advices about the game of roulette, we gathered for today’s article a list of 5 things that you shouldn’t do while playing roulette online or at a local casino.

  1. Don’t Choose An American Roulette. It has a bigger house edge, of approximately 5.3%. Instead, choose an European roulette, as it has a house edge of only 2.70%. 2.6% can really make a difference when it comes to gambling.
  2. Don’t use the Martingale system as you will go bankrupt in no time. As well, don’t bet your whole budget in one turn, as there is a 50% chance or even more to lose your money.
  3. Don’t listen to the people who might want to give you advices. It’s your money after all and if there was a known way to trick the roulette and win money, they wouldn’t have given you free tips. As a matter of fact, according to this source, there is no way to trick the roulette!
  4. If you’re betting on red/black, be careful on how much money you’re betting. You’re going to double the money each time you lose (and you will lose), therefore you’ll have to bet pretty high amounts of money soon. Don’t just assume that the right color will come after a certain number of spins. This is called “the Gambler’s Fallacy” and it is one of the biggest mistakes any gambler could ever do.
  5. Not creating a bankroll system. Every pro gambler will tell you that without setting a proper bankroll system, there are almost 90% chances that people will lose money.