We can beat Roulette

Play roulette with real money in Germany

Did you know that the first official casino opened somewhere in Germany in the 18th century? In fact, it’s believed that even the game of poker and the roulette are German inventions, although there are many voices and claims telling that both of the games are in fact French. It doesn’t matter anyway, does it?

Although online gambling has been illegal for the past 6 years in Deutschland, in early 2012 the German laws were changed, mainly because they were illegal from the European Union’s point of view, and basically allowed online gambling. As a consequence, it’s now possible to play roulette with real money in Germany, or any other casino game directly from home, without having to go in a casino. Although the German laws concerning online gambling are strictly regulated and nearly not as permissive as the ones from most of the states, players can still bet and earn legally real money.

Simple strategy to increase the chances of winning at the game of roulette

Roulette, per se, is a game of chances in which the outcome depends of the place where the wheel stops on the roulette. Players can win by choosing the right color, the right category of numbers and even by choosing the right number.

Here is a simple strategy to help you win at the game of roulette. It’s called regressive Martingale and it’s meant to lower down the chances of losing all the money:
1)      Bet $1. If you win, continue to bet $1 until you lose;
2)      If you lose, bet $2. If you win, go back and bet $1 until you win;
3)      Bet $4. If you win, go back and bet $2 until you win;
4)      Bet $8. If you win, go back and bet $4 until you win;
5)      Bet $16. If you win, go back and bet $8;
6)      Bet $32. If you win, go back and bet $1.