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Online gambling in Italy

Online casino industry is experiencing a significant growth throughout Europe and some countries have already surpassed all expectations of the experts for 2013. One of the best examples here is Italy, where online gambling had an impressive growth. Reports show that online casino industry, online betting and online bingo are dominating the Italian market. In some types of gambling the numbers have almost doubled over the same period of the last year, 2012.

rouletteThe total amount of money spent so far in online casinos from Italy reached 3.2 million, up almost 40% more than the same period of the last year. The figures from the report show that online betting is one of the most popular online casino games. This type of gambling is reaching 20% of all gambling industry.

Another important game is bingo, it seems that Italian people really love this game. Only last month they spent more than 155 million Euros for bingo bets, including 11 million in the online environment. Almost all Italian online casino operators have experienced significant increases in revenue for the first months of 2013.

Italian casinos are some of the most famous abroad. Even Las Vegas casino owners realize sometimes that their leadership position in the casino industry is threatened by Italians. Some of the most popular casinos in Italy are:

1. Queen Bingo Hall from Bologna is one of the largest casinos in Italy. It has almost 15.000 square feet of gaming space and 70 different games.

2. The famous casino Ca’ Noghera which is opened 24/7. It has 60.000 square meters and 400 slot machines.
3. Vallee casino is a famous casino in Italy, located in Saint Vincent. It has 43.000 square meters, 400 slot machines, 96 poker and blackjack tables.

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