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Decisions Involved in Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack is found at wild jack casino online and also the mobile version of the casino. Playing online blackjack requires a full input from the player who must make decisions at every stage of the game. These decisions directly impact the outcome of the game and make up part of the blackjack strategy. Playing online blackjack real money games can bring great results as long as the player has taken into account all of the many blackjack tips that are offered and thinks about every move that he makes in the game.

A Small History of Online Blackjack

In order to understand the online blackjack game a player must learn a little bit about the history of the game. The blackjack rules have not changed that much over the years since the creation of the game in the late 17th Century. The idea of the game is to end up holding a hand of cards that is as close to the value of 21 as possible. The original blackjack was made up of a black Jack of Spades and an Ace card. The face cards in online blackjack are all given a value of 10. An Ace may hold a value of one or eleven and the other cards all hold the value as written.
Online Blackjack Against the Dealer

When playing online casino blackjack, the player is pitted against the dealer that is the casino. The dealer is dealt two cards, one face up and one face down. In the standard blackjack rules the player receives two cards face up. It is then up to the player to decide how to proceed bearing in mind that he has to try and land a higher hand than that of the dealer, without going over the value of 21. The dealer’s hidden card is only revealed once the player has decided to stand i.e. not draw any more cards.

Online Blackjack Strategy Choices

One of the popular blackjack strategy options suggests that players do not take more cards when they have reached the value of 16 with or without a soft Ace. A soft Ace is one that holds a value of one as an opposed to one that holds a value of eleven. Other blackjack tips suggest it is better to stand at a lower amount and other opinions think that it is better to stand at a higher amount. The bottom line with the blackjack strategy is that the player needs to work out his own version that best suits his expectations and budget.

Extra Options in Online Blackjack Games

When playing real money blackjack there are a number of other options that can be included in the game. Being dealt two identical value cards in the first hand drawn gives the player an option of splitting his cards. Splitting means that the player adds an additional bet and ends up holding two hands. Some players like to take out insurance if the dealers show card is an Ace, this will mean that the player does not lose all his bet if the dealer lands a blackjack. With some of the online casino blackjack games and especially the Wild jack online blackjack players who think they will win the hand with just one more card will choose to double down. The double down choice also involves adding an extra bet so the player must make sure he has enough budget to cover this. Playing online blackjack real money games with the right blackjack strategy and thought put into the game can end up very rewarding for the player who likes to think and work things out.