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5 Things You Need To Know About the Casino Bonuses

Nowadays, most of the casinos credit the accounts of the new clients with free money that can be played just like real money. It’s an effective marketing strategy as customers love free stuff and especially free money.

In fact, some of the casinos credit the new accounts with up to $2000 without even requiring their customers to make a deposit. Like I said above, it’s a good marketing strategy that drives an insanely traffic level to that casino.

Naturally, the next question a newbie will ask after reading the above: what if customers decide they do not want to play anymore in a specific casino, can they simply take the money (they’ve been credited with for free) and just walk away? Obviously, the answer is NO. In order to redeem the casino bonus, gamblers will have to make either a deposit and play the whole value of the bonus (and maybe something more). Some casinos allow their clients to withdraw the initial casino bonus only after they’ve played the whole value a couple of times and they still have profit. However, the players with those kind of skill are definitely good clients and will bring lots of cash to the casinos as well and obviously, are entitled to receive their earnings+ the bonuses.

3 more things to keep in mind before making joining the casino

Because most of the gambling halls have specific rules, it’s necessary to keep the below things in mind before making a deposit or subscribing for a certain casino:

1) Some of them give welcome bonuses that can be used only to play slots or blackjack;

2) Unlike the bingo sites, online gambling sites have a minimum deposit requirement (that goes around the value of $50). Making a deposit is a sine qua non condition for the players that want to redeem their bonuses;

3) Usually, players who enter in the loyalty club scheme are rewarded the most.

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